7 Popular Wellness Retreats for Incentive Travel

7 Popular Wellness Retreats for Incentive Travel

2019 is the year of health and wellness.  Meditation has become the fastest growing trend within Western culture. Meanwhile, the World Health Organ

2019 is the year of health and wellness. 

Meditation has become the fastest growing trend within Western culture. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has officially recognised employee burnout as a condition that needs to be monitored and treated. In short, modern society is quickly becoming geared towards looking after both mental and physical health. This trend means employee wellness is something you’ll want to pay close attention to. 


Factors like stress are known to have detrimental impacts on workplace performance, driving down productivity and limiting your business’ growth potential. By contrast, happy and healthy employees prove highly advantageous to your company. 66% of businesses report increased productivity following the introduction of wellness programmes. 


There are many ways a business can work to support the overall wellness of its employees. One method that has seen increasing popularity over recent years is the introduction of incentive travel programmes that offer wellness retreats. The benefits of this type of scheme are easy to understand. Wellness retreats provide employees with opportunities to relax, unwind and look after their health —important factors in the success of the modern workplace. They also have the added benefit of encouraging better performance by rewarding staff using the incentive programme.


To see maximum benefit from your wellness retreat reward system, you’ll need to send your employees to destinations that provide great wellness programmes and exciting travel opportunities. Staff will also need to see these destinations as genuinely rewarding. To help you find those locations, we’ve listed seven popular retreats businesses the world over are using right now.


  1. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa, Canada


This award-winning, luxury wellness and hiking retreat hides among the peaks of British Columbia. The Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat claims to offer a “wellness reset”  and has helped thousands of people feel revitalised and in control of their health. This venue is the perfect place for hardworking employees who need to slow down, unwind and unplug. The venue offers a specialised programme that can help to increase energy and improve sleep.


Employees can spend their time hiking in the mountains and eating healthy meals, or they can bask in the luxurious state-of-the-art spa. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat is great for small groups of employees who are looking for comfort in a Canadian lodge.


  1. Bulgari Hotel Milano, Italy


If you have employees who prefer the feel of a city to the calmness of the mountains,  the luxurious Bulgari Hote in downtown Milan could be the wellness retreat for you. This hidden gem nestles among botanical gardens and courtyards. Your employees can benefit from personalised nutritious meals and a holistic wellness programme. One particular draw of this retreat is their gold illuminated spa, with stimulated heat experiences. 


  1. Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa, United Kingdom


If you’re looking for a retreat closer to home, there’s no place better than Chewton Glen, a  Royal Family favourite. This retreat is exclusive, beautiful and set in 130 acres of woodland. Here, you can breathe in the sea air, reconnect with nature and enjoy the spa facilities, golf course and tennis centre. This venue also has an onsite cookery school, ideal for group bonding.


  1. Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali


An island renowned for its zen way of life and its yoga retreats, the Spa Village Resort in Tembok is an incredible wellness venue  — and one your employees will love. Enjoy Balinese culture and the authentic, spiritual feel of Bali, as well as luxurious spa treatments, wholesome cuisine and wellness workshops. This venue is the perfect pick for employees eager to turn off and unplug — the retreat has no televisions in their bedrooms and mobile-free zones.


  1. Six Senses, Bhutan


The Six Senses, Bhutan, is a picturesque escape from hectic office life. This retreat spans five separate retreats, each nestled in the Himalayan valleys. 


In Bhutan, happiness is designated by law. Six Senses took its inspiration from the country’s dedication to, and approach to, happiness. Each lodge adopts one of Bhutan’s principles of happiness. Whether your employees want to indulge in the comfort of sleep or self-discovery, Six Senses offers an unforgettable experience. Employees are asked to set their intentions at the very start of their stay. They will mark their spiritual and physical journey with bracelet charms.


  1. Mandarin Oriental Marrakech, Morocco


The Mandarin Oriental is a beautiful retreat where employees can cleanse, relax and unwind. This 5-star resort is only minutes from the city of Marrakech and boasts a 19,000 square foot spa, with a relaxation room and yoga studio. Employees who want to explore the local area can bike around the 50-acre property and relax in the rose garden.


Elements of Moroccan life and tradition are all-pervading and include hand-made soaps made of local ingredients and hand-made furnishings.


  1. 1 Hotel South Beach, USA


This retreat is designed with comfort in mind, using reclaimed materials to create a one-of-a-kind environment. Set on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami’s 1 Hotel South Beach provides a truly holistic guest experience. The retreat prioritises the mind and body. So, 1 Hotel also offers a 54-bike studio and dedicated Wellness Gurus, who will ensure your employees leave feeling relaxed, revived and raring to perform when they return to your company.


About the Author: Eppie Shepherd is a Senior Marketing Executive at Banks Sadler, a world-renowned events company Banks-Sadler. Eppie combines her first-class degree in event management with her creative skills to provide top insights into creating and hosting the perfect event.