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Rewarding your employees makes good business sense simply because appreciation encourages and motivates an employee towards becoming more productive. An organization that truly desires growth needs a unilateral desire among its employees to share in its vision but it’s never a one way street. Gone are the days of conventional business thinking that presumed a salary was reason enough for an employee to work well. If you want to run a mediocre organization, then that would be all you need to do but if you want your business charts to explode then only through the right employee motivation can business increase.

The best way to encourage an employee is through acknowledgement of effort. Through little rewards that go a long way, an organization can cultivate a sense of pride within an employee who has performed well.  Here are ten sureshot tips to reward an employee 2017 that would be sure to make either him or her swell with pride.

1. CEO for the day

There is nothing more appreciative than making an employee feel important enough by recognizing his true qualities and regarding them on par with the top post of the organization.  As a CEO of the day, encourage the employee to whole meetings and offer advice and ideas towards the better administration of the company.

2. A slow clap

A slow clap needs to be a surprise where the entire office members should be gathered in a room and the employee brought in unsuspectingly. A slow clap should start with the top boss clapping to be gradually joined in by others till the employee gets a standing ovation.

3. A note of appreciation

A note of appreciation or an email thanking an employee for his efforts and performance on a recent successful project should take them by surprise. Such actions can make any employee not just proud but happy at the fact that his hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

4. Team shopping spree

Employee incentives work in surprising ways. What better way to whip up a bout of happiness than by taking your employees or team on a shopping spree and supplying them with prepaid coupons up to a certain limit to buy goods of their desire. This could create a lot of team camaraderie and strengthen the employee-employer bond through mutual friendship and respect.

5. Theme lunch or picnic

A picnic or a theme lunch such as an outdoor barbecue is a great way of getting to know your employees and also rewarding then with such actions that are prime moments for unity and team spirit. It is a great way to have causal meetings with employees taking into account their suggestions and tips for better performance.

6. Spot awards

Rewards can increase productivity. This is a time tested way of an organization appreciating and recognizing an employee’s input, the age old way of rewarding an employee with an award is a huge tool of motivation.  Awards can be given at year end parties which would set the tone and mood for such events displaying genuine appreciation of the employee’s hard work.

7. Employee of the month

If you want to make your employees more productive, the  showcasing an employee’s potential and performance on a frame that may say “employee of the month” is like placing that particular employee on a pedestal of recognition. It would make any employee happy enough to strive to maintain his status and also encourage others to achieve the same.

8. Time off coupons

This could well be a huge hit with any employee because time is important for any working person. Rewarding them with precious time off to enable them to manage their personal lives and chores would make any employee highly appreciate and responsible toward the company not forgetting the competitive nature to achieve more coupons.

9. Paid vacation

Perhaps this is one of the best ways to reward an employee. Several people save up for years for an amazing vacation. But being paid for it is like an awesome experience that would motivate the entire team to work well enough to achieve one.

10. Thank you from the top bosses

A panel of the topmost hierarchy of the organization calling an employee to wish him well and say thank you for his effort put into the company will definitely make any employee feel on cloud nine the entire day. It isn’t everyday that those at the topmost seniority level have time for the grassroots and junior level employees. Such humane touches helps an employee understand the cordial atmosphere of a company that needs his support and input to do well. In fact if a promotion could accompany such an action, it would benefit the organization in the long run.

True leaders of an organization understand the merits of happy and healthy employees. Motivation and incentives are the leading tools of increasing efficiency and business growth.

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