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Incentive and Reward Case Studies &  Opinion News:  4 Things Millennials Are Fed Up of Hearing

At the moment it feels like there is an article in the press almost every day criticising the attitudes of young people today. Apparently, employers are struggling to engage and motivate this “millennial generation”, while others stereotype young people as indecisive, entitled and oversensitive.  Articles on millennials are either written by people out of the generation, or who are millennials, but none are as qualified to comment as Leonard Sekyonda, the founder of MYCOMEUP WORLD, a global networking community that connects young entrepreneurs, creatives and talents.

“Millennials are the first generation to have grown up with technology in their pocket that literally puts the world at their fingertips. This has affected the mindset of many young people, and far from the unmotivated, disengaged stereotype, there is a growing trend of entrepreneurial young millennials determined to take control of their own destiny. They start businesses younger, run businesses while employed full-time and pay off pesky tuition fees by setting up enterprises while they study.

I am a proud to say I am a millennial. Through my global networking community, MYCOMEUP WORLD, I am connected to more than 125,000 likeminded young entrepreneurs, creatives and talents.”

We asked Leonard to answer a few common criticisms on their behalf.

“You move jobs too much”

The pace of the workplace today is quicker than ever before, and the days of a “job for life” are long gone. Millennials are starting their careers in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, but they are also equipped with the skills and attitude to react quickly to changes and spot new opportunities. Changing jobs frequently actually reflects a growing desire for young people to take control of their own destiny and pursue their passions.

There are thousands of young people today who transfer skills between a day job and their own personal business and creative projects. In the past this might have been frowned upon by employers, but these young people are increasingly recognised as “intrapreneurs” and their resourcefulness and ingenuity can be harnessed by employers too.

“You just get your answers online”

If you are going to make a good decision, it makes sense to first consider all the relevant information you have at your disposal. Through the internet we have access to a world of information, and we can connect with the smartest and most skilled people in seconds, wherever they are in the world. So why wouldn’t you “get your answers online”?

Of course, the real skill is knowing how to interpret and apply information, and that is what sets successful people apart.

“You have no resilience”

While previous generations may have seen a failed business as a reason to stop, we have hundreds of users who are already on their third or fourth business by the time they reach their mid-twenties. There is definitely a growing mentality in millennials that mistakes are something to be learned from, or obstacles on the road to success, and many are open with it so others can benefit from that experience too.

In some ways, my own failed business led to the creation of MYCOMEUP WORLD. A few years ago I moved to the Philippines to start a business after hearing about an opportunity to recruit overseas nurses to the UK. Legislation changes killed my business almost overnight, but when I blogged about my own experiences I quickly realised there was an audience of likeminded young people around the world who wanted advice and motivation tips to overcome their own challenges.

“You are a millennial

It is interesting that this has become a negative label, but young people always face criticism from older generations – their music is too loud, their skirts are too short, they’re lazy – it is the same for every generation. The truth is, millennials are simply a product of the environment they have grown up in and that has positioned us to thrive in the modern world. We are the people who will start the next group world-leading companies and we will pioneer ground-breaking research and life-changing technology. It is time to give this generation the respect and the support that they deserve.

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