Not said these today, this week, ever? It’s time to drop them in.

  1. Thanks for your great work on XYZ

Relate, relate, relate. Not ‘great work’. Not ‘Thanks for your help’ – but specifics. Be in tune to what people are working on. That doesn’t mean you digest a spreadsheet of everything everyone did, but it might mean that you ask everyone for their team’s biggest wins every Friday and that you personally see, email or video chat every employee to say ‘great job’.

  1. You’re the best at…

Self awareness drives passion. Telling people from an outside perspective what they are amazing at really helps. Everyone is good at something, but not many people are thanked for the things that they aren’t employed for. If you have a data analyst digging out MI – you don’t need to tell them they’re great at reports. But you can tell them that they have a great eye for ‘seeing the future’. They’ll be pleased as punch – and they soon start working to the perception of themselves.

  1. ‘Don’t worry’

As a leader you would think that insisting people worry as hard as you do is key to your business success. Not true. Great leaders take away worries.  Say don’t worry, and mean it, with tangible ways to offload – taking things off a whiteboard from their pile to your pile. This has shockingly good results.

  1. ‘I’m going to help’

Destroy all blockers and your employees will trust you to be capable of anything. That might mean  firing or disciplining the people who cause trouble for others in your business time again – even if they are technically skilled. No more untouchable people.  It could mean making a big investment in working environments, or where people park, or how they are paid or rewarded. Say you are going to help – and mean it.

  1. ‘Go home’

If no one’s seeing their family, working on their side jobs and passions and spending time in the shopping centre, the economy is in trouble, and so is the trajectory of what you are working towards. Tell people to go home, to see their family, to make it out on time. If your business suffers because 9 hours isn’t enough, you’re focusing on the wrong things or too many things.

What are the 5 things you say that get results?

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