Nine of out 10 (88%) of UK workers care about working for an organisation with a purpose beyond making money, but only 30% believe their employer puts people or the planet above profit. That’s according to new research carried out with 2,000 UK workers by youdo, a mobile app that connects employees, wellbeing, and environmental and social initiatives.


The youdo research, set out in a new report Healthy People, Healthy Planet, also reveals that 72% of UK workers have considered quitting their jobs, with one in five citing the key reason being that their company cares about profit over purpose.


The report highlights a clear link between wellbeing and environmental initiatives and job satisfaction:


  • 70% of UK workers say job satisfaction would improve if they knew their company cared about its societal impact
  • 63% of UK workers say job satisfaction is influenced by their company’s impact on the environment


Commenting on the research findings, George Chaytor-Norris, co-founder and CEO of youdo, comments, “The last 18 months has reinforced the importance of mental and physical wellbeing, at a time when we are also becoming much more conscious of our environmental impact. With the need to retain talent at an all-time high, the youdo research shows how important it’s become for organisations to strengthen human and environmental connection to drive job satisfaction and employee engagement.”


The youdo research shows a strong appetite from UK workers to get involved in purpose-led initiatives, but organisations need to shape these to make them relevant and engaging:


  • 84% of workers want to be involved in wellbeing and environmental initiatives
  • But only 18% of workers say current company initiatives are relevant to their personal interests
  • Workers are keen to take an active role in driving schemes, by contributing new ideas (50%), voting on courses of action (37%) and running initiatives (30%)


Chaytor-Norris adds: “As employees question the type of organisation they want to work for, there’s a clear appetite to be part of a purpose-driven organisation that puts people and the planet first. By working together, the C-suite, HR and ESG departments can empower employees to connect with each other and shape the future of the organisation, and that will be incredibly powerful in creating a happier and healthier planet.”


The youdo platform brings together wellbeing and sustainable impact through employee connections. Employees are empowered to do what they love with like-minded colleagues, with every activity, whether it’s two or 200 people, earning Earth Tokens, which can be redeemed as a donation to an impact project (e.g., a charity or non-for-profit organisation).