The workplace continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Employers constantly need new ways of differentiation when attracting new talent and engaging their workforce and many businesses are focused on designing meaningful employee experiences, every day. However, HR is struggling with driving employee performance so to tackle this Benefex have launched OneHub; the world’s first employee experience platform.

Benefex Founder and CEO, Matt Macri-Waller explains:

“No one comes to work to do a bad job for you, or to be actively disengaged, but most experiences aren’t designed to connect the individual to the organisation, they are designed to be merely transactional in nature. These poorly designed transactional workflows leave employees disengaged, bewildered and frustrated. Employee engagement initiatives have, so far, failed to make enough of an impact because the focus has been on engagement itself, and not the experiences which lead up to it. With OneHub we want to change all of that. Each employee experience should be meaningfully and purposefully designed to maximise the outcome for both sides. Using OneHub, our clients are designing great employee experiences which drive engagement.”

Consumer-led practices continue to drive change in the workplace. As a result, employee expectations are increasing exponentially. HR leaders need to have the right tools to maximise their employees’ experience, and the outcome it creates. The world’s most progressive organisations are seeing that ultimately, their customer experience will always be dictated by their employee experience.

Consulting Director, Adam Mason adds:

“We have to start focusing as hard on employees as we do on customers. Organisations have historically invested in customer-centric systems, but not always focused in the same way on their people. Concentrating on the employee experience gives businesses an opportunity to think about those people who are delivering that customer experience. We want every one of our clients’ employees to be inspired at work, to feel like they belong, and to have an experience that makes them to feel engaged every day. OneHub delivers these experiences.”

OneHub is the only platform specifically designed to bring diverse employee experiences and innovative, consumer-led technology together in one place. HR teams can gain analytic insight into all aspects of their experience programme, in real time. Content can be quickly created and sent from within the platform, making it the first of its kind in the industry. OneHub leverages the existing HR technology stack, and provides a consumer-led mobile overlay to create an effortless experience for employees.

OneHub’s real-time analytics dashboards enable you to gain and process in-depth insights across your whole company, allowing you to make quick, well-informed decisions and drive your business strategy, whilst also allowing HR to create communications and  target these communications to the individual – so a business can make the most of every interaction, and measure the impact and success of campaigns.

Macri-Waller added:

“At Benefex we believe that engagement is an outcome; it’s the result of giving employees consistent, daily experiences which allow them to authentically and meaningfully interact with their employer, ultimately giving them a true sense of purpose and belonging.”

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