Bupa Global & UK has partnered with Tommy’s on its Pregnancy and Parenting at Work programme to provide support to Bupa employees on their journey to parenthood.


Tommy’s is the largest UK charity researching the causes of pregnancy complications and loss, with the aim of reducing rates of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and neonatal death. Its pregnancy and parenting at work programme is designed to offer training to managers and line managers on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, parenting and complications or loss to provide support to employees.


The new partnership offers Bupa Global & UK employees access to Tommy’s helpline, run by midwives to give advice to the pregnant person and partner, pregnancy and baby loss support and guidance on supporting them and their partner/family through the pregnancy journey.


The partnership also offers materials and resources to managers, providing direct phone access for managers and employers to talk to Tommy’s midwives about pregnancy and parenting at work, e-learning courses covering pregnancy and parenting at work and supporting an employee through pregnancy, baby loss or pregnancy complications, and manager communication support.

The partnership extends Bupa Global & UK’s commitment to ensuring everyone can ‘Be You at Bupa’, bringing their whole selves to work every day.


Tom Hoosen-Webber, People Director at Bupa Global & UK said; “I’m really proud that we’ve signed up to the Pregnancy and Parenting at Work programme through Tommy’s. Our employee offering is as diverse as our people, and we are committed to supporting them through all their life stages, including pregnancy and parenting.


“It’s also important that we are upskilling and training managers on how to effectively communicate and support employees affected by pregnancy and baby loss. One in four lose a baby during pregnancy or birth, leaving them isolated, grieving and often they don’t feel comfortable opening up to their employers about their experiences.


“It’s through partnerships like these we can break the stigma around baby loss and ensure our people are supported.”


Jacqui Clinton, Fundraising Director at Tommy’s said; The persisting stigma and silence around pregnancy and baby loss can make it difficult for women to access the support they need from their workplace. Our workplaces should be open and supportive communities where we can share things with our colleagues and ask managers for help if needed.


“We completely understand that knowing what to say or do when a colleague is impacted by loss isn’t easy – but saying or doing nothing is worse. That’s why it’s fantastic to see organisations like Bupa taking positive action to train their managers so that they can better navigate sensitive conversations around these big life events. Thank you Bupa for helping to create a cultural shift which promotes greater openness, understanding and empathy in the workplace for those who need support during their pregnancy journey.”