Loyalty and Marketing News: The business that provides civil servants with free smartphones

It would be tricky to picture a UK business offering the same scheme, but in Zimbabwe, mobile telecommunications market leader Econet Wireless has announced a huge credit scheme that will empower civil servants and all eligible government employees to get new smart phones for free, and then pay as little as $12 per month.

According to the company, the scheme will benefit teachers, nurses, doctors and members of the uniformed forces – the police, the army, the air force and members of the prison services – as well as all employees of the government.

‘Very, very affordable’ 

“We are excited to launch this scheme and to make smart phones available to our civil servants upfront so that they can then pay very, very affordable monthly instalments when they already own the device,” said Mr Fayaz King, Econet’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“We are delighted to extend this offer to all civil servants and believe it will be great value for money for them as the festive season beckons,” said Mr King, whose company is in the process of upgrading its entire network to 100 percent 3G coverage by the end of the year.

“We have partnered with local device companies to offer this service, and we are also working with the Salaries Services Bureau to ensure participating Civil Servants have a hassle-free method of settling their monthly instalments,” said the Econet COO.

Confirming the development, Econet’s Chief Marketing Officer Mr Navdeep Kapur said Civil Servants wishing to participate in the scheme would simply need to submit a copy of their national identity document, their current pay slip and their proof of residence at any Econet Shop to acquire their new smart phone, adding that there would be no waiting period once all the documentation was submitted.

It’s an interesting incentive and very interesting as a cultural perspective!

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