Achievers, the progressive choice for employee voice and recognition solutions that accelerate a culture of performance, today announced that Revolut, a global financial super-app that offers hassle-free spending to 15 million customers, has been added to the already robust Achievers Marketplace catalogue.

This strategic collaboration gives users the ability to instantly transfer their recognition points into over 25 currencies — offering Achievers’ customers the unparalleled benefit of a secure and reliable way to redeem for what they want around the world. The addition of Revolut marks another milestone in the Achievers rewards fulfillment experience. Marketplace, Achievers digital catalogue where users can shop and redeem for the perfect reward with points earned through employer branded recognition programs, already serves over 150 countries, supports over 2,500 brands, and offers self-serve travel options. With the addition of Revolut, Achievers Marketplace is one of the most robust rewards marketplaces available in the market.

In addition to this exciting collaboration with Revolut, Achievers continues to build integrations that allow for more choice on how and where employees recognise their peers. A solutions partnership with Workday and recent integrations with Outlook, Teams, and Slack encourage the sending of real-time recognitions without navigating out of day-to-day communication tools. Especially in today’s climate, it is imperative that successful organisations implement employee engagement strategies that integrate with existing systems to drive adoption and positive business results.

Workday: Achievers is a Workday Certified Solution Partner with bi-directional recognition and financial record integration. As a Workday Select Partner, Achievers solution enables dynamic customisation based on user needs and seamlessly integrates in through: User mapping, Feedback, and Payroll.
Outlook: Introduction of nudges to prompt celebration cards and to notify users about recognition moments directly in Outlook.
Teams: Achievers Listen notifications enabled to remind employees to provide timely feedback with ease.
Slack: Notifications about recognition events added to keep recognition top-of-mind and Listen notifications enabled to remind employees to provide timely feedback.

“In order to activate employee engagement every single day, we need to reinforce key behaviors. One way to accomplish this is by giving our users choice,” says Michael Cohen, Chief Product Officer at Achievers. “We hope that by giving our users more options — whether that be where they recognise their colleagues or how to redeem their points with Revolut — we can continue to drive adoption by being the platform employees want to use, not have to.”