When it comes to creating a high performing company culture, chicexecs believes their success comes from keeping their people happy. But can an office redesign really help improve morale, creativity and even sales?

A recent case study has come out from Chic Execs, a PR, Digital and Retail Strategy firm whose innovative staff of millennials and PR veterans have helped over 200 small to medium businesses grow their brand based in San Macros, California. They have recently designed a new office space and have suggested that the new layout has increased creativity and collaboration, and they’ve seen their growth double in both new hires and higher sales. On top of this, Chicexecs have been ranked by WALB 10 News in the 2017 Top Company Cultures.

Their aim was to create a space that would support and inspire their many different personalities from introverts to extroverts.
“Being involved in entrepreneur brand growth has its own set of challenges, so your work space should never add stress to your day,” said co-founder Kailynn Bowling. “Our open concept, lifestyle-oriented design has increased collaboration and sent our creativity skyrocketing.”

The changes have been vast.

Desks and Office Space
While employees do have a traditional desk area, they’re also encouraged to work wherever will bring them the most inspiration. Other potential work spots include their posh snack bar lounge (complete with free treats ), a relaxing swing area, conference room, chalk walls, white board walls, bean bags, cafe lounge, designer rooms, couch collaboration areas, and dedicated quiet rooms (perfect for private calls, meeting with clients, or when in need of a few minutes to themselves).

“Rather than sitting in a cubicle and being stagnant we encourage movement as a way to inspire innovation,” explains co-founder Nikki Carlson.
For decades researchers have agreed that natural light is an important component to employee happiness, citing increases in productivity and decreases in absenteeism.


The entire space has been designed to reflect the company’s modern philosophy with floor to ceiling windows, bright clean walls, rustic accents, and purposeful motivational quotations and images throughout.

Lifestyle and tech 

Friday is a work from home day and all team members have Apple Mac laptops to use throughout the space and while on-the-go.
To help with PR and Social strategies, they’ve set up TVs around the office and encourage their staff to watch and cheer on their clients’ latest features and employees are encouraged to use the ability to pave their way in their career and invest care into their clients. They are all equipped with
“Your office should be a reminder of your mission,” said Carlson. “Every time you walk through those doors should be a reminder of what you hope to give back to your clients and your community at large.”