Health & Wellbeing News: CEO’s not investing in workforce training

Global talent acquisition and management specialist, Alexander Mann Solutions, has advised employers of the need to continue to invest in professional development. This is in response to a KPMG Global Outlook survey of 151 UK CEOs which found that just under half (42%) had no plans to invest in new workforce training over the next three years.

Commenting on the findings Stephanie Gillingham, Head of ER, Reward, Talent & Development at Alexander Mann Solutions, said:

“Workforce training should be an integral part of how employers ensure their people’s skills are kept up to date and their continued motivation to perform at their highest level is maintained. So it is worrying that such a high proportion UK chief executives have no plans to invest further in this area for the foreseeable future.”

“Employee engagement is crucial to ensuring the growth of a successful business and its workforce. This is particularly true in light of the current uncertainties in the economic landscape. The need for an agile and adaptable workforce has never been greater and consequently the skills this requires needs to be continually updated and improved upon to drive business growth.”

“Falling behind with training and development is not an option for many firms as this may leave them vulnerable to being overtaken by competitors. As a recent Gallup poll found, only 21% of employees felt they were managed in a motivational way, meaning that many leaders are not getting the best out of their workforce.“

“Upskilling and the continued professional development it brings can offer significant advantages to both employers and employees including improved efficiency and an increase in employee knowledge by gaining better information. The increased quality of work, diversification of skills and boost to morale, is a price worth paying for maintaining a satisfied and productive workforce.”

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