Hot on everyone’s lips is a discussion about ‘engagement’, and how it can help to build and sustain your organisation. Recently, I’ve read numerous articles which astutely claimed that the festive season is the single most important engagement period of the year. There are two reasons for this: Most people are rewarded at the end of year – performance appraisals, bonuses, etc. are delivered during this time; and secondly, companies push brand loyalty and engagement at this time when there is a surge in consumer spending.

Christmas represents the busiest and most prosperous period for retailers with £87 billion expected to be spent by shoppers in the UK during the festive run-in. Naturally, sales and loyalty point schemes increase at this time.

Christmas is a popular time for rewarding employees and, while the days of lavish gifts and gigantic bonuses are long gone, businesses are still keen to ensure that their employees and customers feel incentivised and rewarded. Seasonal rewards and incentives provide some of the greatest opportunities for organisations to say ‘thank you’ to employees and customers.

Even in light of difficult financial times, we see that companies are investing quite consistently in employee and customer rewards in order to show appreciation for hard work and loyalty**. As such, rewarding during the festive season allows organisations to lay the ground work for increased engagement and loyalty in the year ahead.

The right rewards are simple, perfect and unique. This can be a difficult task, especially with a large number of people and interests to cater for, but the easiest way to tailor your rewards is to give the gift of choice.

We all know that people prefer to have the freedom to choose their gifts. This way we can avoid the inevitably awkward Christmas jumper and socks situation!