Collection Pot, a leading provider of fund collection for business and personal use has announced a suite of new updates designed to enhance the user experience following a significant increase in users of Collection Pot, which is being used to create pots of funds for key workers and furloughed workers, family members as well as for teachers, birthdays and community projects.

The new software release, developed by product management partner Bravand, implements a simplified user journey for contributing to Pots, with a more engaging and cleaner page layout, tool tips to support new users and increased levels of personalisation, including the ability to incorporate emojis into the contributors’ messaging. Along with a simplified fee structure and contribution process.

Adam Stevens, Commercial Director said; ‘We are delighted to be able to offer these new improvements and we believe this marks a step-change in the platform’s evolution and growth.’

Adam continues: ‘We have a series of additional releases planned for the next two months which reflect our commitment to continually innovate and improve the experience for all our users. We are really proud of this update which focuses on the look of our collection pages, known as Pots, and simplifying how users make their contributions.’

These latest developments come as part of a strategic roadmap plan to maximise added value to users of Collection Pot. With an increased focus on a simple, clear experience incorporating a modern, engaging message wall and a more transparent donation process.