Cooking up a treat

Just how is L’atelier des Chefs tempting corporate taste buds throughout the UK?

It’s fair to say that, despite our numerous skills, there are no master chefs residing in the Incentive and Motivation team. However, some do have more confidence than others in the culinary department, so it was with a mixture of excitement and nerves that we entered the cookery school, L’atelier des Chefs.

But 30 minutes later, after taking part in its unique half-hour Cook, Eat and Run classes, we had each rustled up sea bass in coconut curry and were cooing over our new skills. We agreed the session had been fun, informative and – importantly – pain-free.

And that’s what L’atelier des Chefs aims to provide – entertaining but useful classes that show people of all skill levels how to good cook easily attainable, quality food, using tips from professional chefs.

With beautifully appointed branches, containing TARDIS-like kitchen facilities that cater for 10-180 people, and a wide retail selection of utensils and cookware, passing trade and the consumer market is important for L’atelier des Chefs. However, its B2B custom is also well-established, with the brand offering a huge range of themed and bespoke courses catering for corporate rewards, incentives, team-building, corporate hospitality and client events.

Managing director Tom McNeile, says: “From a B2B perspective, we offer whatever our clients want and we’re happy to devise courses and menus that suit their needs.”
B2B is growing for L’atelier des Chefs and Tom puts that down to its flexibility and the broad appeal of its cookery classes. And, as he says: “What could an employer give that’s better than the gift of a new skill?”

Indeed, L’atelier des Chefs corporate gift cards are available for anyone wishing to reward or incentivise staff with a cookery experience. Bernard Grant of SVM, the operation behind the gift cards, says: “We talked to L’ateliers des Chefs about how their offering would work perfectly in the reward, incentive, loyalty staff benefit arenas. We also sounded out our clients and received the resounding response that this was something they wanted to offer as part of their loyalty and benefit platforms.”

Although currently London-based, the brand boasts a mobile operation that allows the team to pack up its equipment and head anywhere in the country to give demonstrations, and there are plans to open new branches in cities such as Bath and Manchester, as well as additional London sites, over the next couple of years.

“All we ask is for four weeks’ notice when booking the mobile service, so that we can find a host venue,’ says Tom. So, with its sights set on mobile and UK expansion, L’atelier des Chefs could soon be closer to you. However, in the meantime, should you find yourself a guest at an Incentive and Motivation dinner party, don’t be surprised if you’re offered sea bass in coconut curry sauce – it’s our new signature dish.

Visit www.atelierdeschefs.co.uk

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