Should your company consider incentive travel to boost employee performance?

What are the benefits of incentive travel? We caught up with Rob Holden, the Director of Sales for British Outback Adventures & Events, a company renowned for providing companies with a unique suite of innovative corporate team building events, employee engagement programs, group activities, training and education programs, all designed to build camaraderie, boost morale, and enhance productivity to see his take.

“Should your company consider incentive travel to boost employee performance? According to statistics, a huge percentage of employees in the developed world work much below their full potential. For example, surveys conducted in the US indicate that more than 50% of American employees do little more than what they are asked to do. Slowly but surely, companies all over the world have begun to realize that employees are their most valuable asset. An inspired and motivated task force is essential for the success of any company. However, employees need more than their pay if they are to become high performers.

A well planned, attractive and rewarding employee recognition and reward program is the best way to boost employee performance.

Why incentive travel? Although there are many ways to recognize and reward excellence in employees, statistics suggest that corporate incentive travel can motivate employees in a manner that other awards cannot. In fact, travel used for recognition and reward purposes beats cash rewards too. Employees are willing to redefine professional goals to earn the goodies offered by a good corporate incentive travel program.

The perceived value of travel is greater than cash benefits because travelling to interesting places is an experience that is cherished for a long time. Besides, many people would never spend money on a fancy trip themselves. Additionally, most employees balk at disclosing details of a cash bonus, but there is no shame in flaunting photos of a trip to say London, Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean.

A great incentive travel scheme motivates employees to offer better service thus boosting sales results and improving bottom lines. Employers can generate more employee loyalty from their workforce. This is why incentive travel is so richly rewarding, both for the employee as well as the employer.

Companies that invest wisely in corporate incentive travel have experienced improvement in performance, retention and client experience, all of which ensure higher customer loyalty and improved sales. These companies know that corporate incentive travel programs are much more than a vacation. These programs are designed to build and strengthen positive association. Attendees open up to each other facilitating the spread of good practices among employees. New levels of commitment are thereby established and engagement levels go up dramatically benefiting the employees as well as the employers in the short term and the long term.”

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