The latest data from Cyclescheme, the UK’s largest cycle to work provider, shows the peak in cycle to work certificates.

According to the data, employers are heavily investing in cycling as a benefit for their workforce, with a staggering 310.3% rise in employer registrations from March 24th when the UK lockdown commenced to date.

With much of the nation taking up cycling as a socially distanced mode of transport, Cyclescheme, part of Blackhawk Network, has experienced 59.7% more sales in comparison to the same period last year (May 2019 to May 2020).

Bike retailers have also reported a significant uplift in demand for bikes since the Covid-19 lockdown phase, with a large increase is Cycling as a fitness activity coinciding with the demand to commute safely.

‘‘Retailers have seen a significant increase in bike sales to consumers during April and May. This, in turn, is driving strong sales growth for us and other brands, and it looks like the boom will develop into a sustained increase in cycling” said Nigel Roberts, General Manager, Trek Bicycle Corporation Ltd.

Laurence Boon, Product Manager at Cyclescheme commented “Cycling has always been a great way to stay active with a long list of physical, mental, and environmental benefits. The pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for engagement with cycling and we’re working hard to ensure that the road ahead is clear, for any commuter ready to make the switch. What’s exciting to see from our data is that employers and employees are making it happen and changing lives and communities for the better.”

The data from Cyclescheme was compiled of internal sales data and Google Analytics results.