Dare to risk it all

With more and more brands turning to Free Prize Draws for their promotional solutions, EMIRAT makes a case for the value and power of taking a calculated risk.

There seems to be a growing trend at the moment for promoters to opt for a free prize draw promotion as opposed to something a bit racier.  This may be because it’s a cheap and easy mechanic to implement in this unstable financial climate, when marketing budgets are being slashed but is this to the detriment of what they are running the promotion for in the first place?

Whilst a free prize draw might give an attention grabbing headline, on closer inspection, the limited prizes on offer and the small perceived chance of winning can create a lack of excitement.  This will inevitably kill the ultimate objective, which is of course to increase sales. 

Add an element of risk however, turning the promotion into an instant win and immediately the promotion is made more appealing. The prizes will be more aspirational, tiered and plentiful and the consumer will feel like they have more of a chance of a reward for their purchase.  The gamblers amongst them will also be inspired by the thrill of the chase, the danger of the game and the excitement of the unknown. They will purchase again and again as they chase that elusive winning message or missing token.
Prize draws are just boring and however they are ‘sexed up’, with hourly prizes and celebrity endorsement, there is no escaping the fact that they are a tired, obvious mechanic and it’s a probably a safe bet that consumers think this too!

Marketers do sometimes shy away from promotions involving  risk though because they have an unknown quantity or variable cost and are not only hard to predict but also potentially very costly. However, with EMIRAT, that needn’t be a problem. Not only will they use their experience to help fine tune the promotion from a Ford to a Ferrari they will also remove the possibility that the promotion will cost more than the available budget, all for a fraction of the potential cost.

Even marketers with small budgets can create an exciting, impactful promotion. EMIRAT have many ways to increase the potential offering many times over just be introducing risk.

Being a complete novice to promotions or having very little time to implement something is no longer a reason not to employ risk either.  EMIRAT has gone one step further than simply providing coverage of the promotion’s potential cost by creating off the shelf solutions to meet any sales objective.

‘PROMOTIONS IN A BOX’ are exciting and exclusive readymade solutions for agencies and brands at all levels and experience to use. The cost of the ‘Boxes’ not only includes the all-important risk management of the associated financial risk but also things such as handling and fulfilment, website build and text platform provision.

Some promoters don’t like running complex promotions because of the potential for a negative consumer experience; applications can get lost in the post, websites can crash and prizes can arrive damaged, be delayed or simply not arrive at all!

EMIRAT has a very hands on approach to handling and values the consumer experience above all else. Their highly experienced staff employ their expertise to not only deal quickly and efficiently with any problems that may arise but also to attempt to foresee and avoid any potential issues in the first place.  As with everything though, a little rough has to be taken with the smooth.  No promotion is perfect, even prize draws fall foul of operational pitfalls and with a complex promotion there will inevitably be problems but the potential upside for running a risk based promotion far outweigh the downside.

So with no risk of over spending, no barriers on small budgets and readymade solutions for those that need a helping hand, what other reason could there be for not employing risk in a promotion?

But remember don’t just take a risk, use EMIRAT and take a calculated one!

For more information, call 0845 388 8870, email info@emirat.co.uk or visit www.emirat.co.uk

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