A new report, which looks at shopper behaviors and motivators through the lens of mobile, promotions, and technology has suggested that digital channels are playing an influential role in the consumer packaged goods and retail ecosystem, with a growing percentage of consumers turning to apps, SMS, and digital loyalty programs in store.
The research validates the fact that digital engagement continues to grow as a valuable and necessary component of a CPG brand’s shopper marketing strategy, connecting consumers to their favourite brands at all phases of the consumer journey and influencing purchase decisions in the store. In-store mobile engagement is particularly on the rise, with 45% of consumers favouring promotional offers shared via text and 57% citing they are likely to download a mobile app to earn loyalty rewards.

45% of consumers prefer to access promotional offers via text/SMS while in store
67% would take advantage of a promotion offering a guaranteed reward or gift while in-store
75% would be more likely to purchase a product if the package featured a coupon
60% on average, prefer a guaranteed payout, such as rewards, gifts, loyalty points or rebates.
80% of shoppers ‘sometimes’ or ‘always’ check their store receipts
61% would take a photo of their receipt if they could earn a guaranteed reward or gift
66% prefer to enter a code from receipt or on-pack as proof of purchase for a chance to win, or get a reward/coupon
36% use mobile apps while shopping
57% are likely to download a mobile app to earn loyalty rewards
52% are likely to download a mobile app to receive a free gift with purchase

The report ‘Maximizing Engagement to Motivate In-Store Purchase: 2017 Shopper Research on In-Store & Digital Engagement’ also reveals key motivators around how shoppers engage with products in-store — and what elements of presentation and promotion encourage purchases. It states that package messaging is often a decision-making asset, with 75% of shoppers more likely to purchase a product if its package features a coupon. Similarly, 33% are more likely to purchase a product when the package offers a chance to earn loyalty points, and 28% are more likely to purchase when the package features a chance to win a prize.

HelloWorld’s findings indicate that digital engagement or incentives with a brand are often key factors when deciding between competitor products. 67% of shoppers would take advantage of a guaranteed reward or gift with purchase while in-store, while 58% would make a purchase to earn loyalty points. Research also shows that 32% of shoppers would respond to softer rewards, such as chances to win, exclusive content, product information, or a charitable donation.
“To provide value to the modern shopper, it is imperative that CPG brands and their retail partners activate digital and mobile strategies that forge impactful relationships and entice engagement,” said Peter DeNunzio, CEO of HelloWorld. “This report arms brands with the actionable insight into consumer behaviours to not only inspire meaningful interactions but also enhance the in-store customer experience, which remains a crucial channel for engagement.”


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