edays, the leading provider of absence and leave management software has announced the availability of edays People Insights, an innovative data reporting tool powered by machine learning, to help organisations of all sizes to access, interpret and present people data in an easy-to-use, customisable and visually compelling format.

edays People Insights is a practical solution for HR directors, people managers, finance and operations executives to understand and make better use of their people data and improve business effectiveness. The new tool complements the edays absence and leave management software suite.

At the same time, the company has unveiled the edays mobile application to offer a convenient way for employees to submit leave requests, log overtime, TOIL (time off in lieu) and manage records on the go. This will allow people managers to approve leave requests via the app, log sickness absences and view group calendars to see who is off and when.

Chris Moseley, Co-Founder and CTO of edays said: “The growth of home and hybrid working along with the challenges of employee wellbeing, sickness and burnout are just some of the hurdles faced by employees, HR professionals and business leaders today.  Our mobile app has been designed with convenience and greater efficiency in mind for both employees and their managers. With edays People Insights, executives can now easily build, interpret, and share insights to better support employee welfare and organisational productivity.”

He continued: “This latest addition to our product suite, with machine learning at its core, provides HR teams, finance and operations executives with the people analytics, metrics and trend insights to make better decisions, meet compliance targets and improve the overall employee experience.”

edays People Insights saves time by eliminating the need for manual report building. It offers key stats widgets for quick access to information, comparison tools for identifying trends and patterns, customisation for looking at data by individual, team, location or business function and automation to simplify complex calculations and comparisons.

In addition to office environments, edays People Insights and the edays mobile app are especially valuable for employees working in the field, or in outdoor sectors, such as manufacturing, construction and logistics, allowing for reporting on specific locations, teams and activities, including overtime and hours worked, leave types, sickness rates and holiday entitlement.

edays People Insights and the edays mobile app are available now.

More information can be found here: edays People Insights and edays mobile app.