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Healthy employees can be up to three times as productive as those in poor health. They experience fewer motivational problems, are more resilient to change and are more likely to be engaged with the business priorities. For this reason, it is essential that companies have systems in place which recognise this and which place employee health provision at their heart. Gympas is catching the eye of many HR professionals looking to achieve this.

Studies of its existing markets suggest corporate health costs and absenteeism can be reduced by as much as 22 per cent with an expected return on investment of nearly one and a half times – great news for anyone wanting to really prove ROI!

Gympass was founded in 2012 in Brazil. Its founder Cesar Carvalho was doing an MBA at Harvard – he then had the idea of Gympass and started to develop the concept and never went back to his studies.

The business was initially focused on end users that essentially enabled them to be a member of any participating gym – rather than being tied to one gym only.

In 2013, GymPass was contacted by PWC and asked to propose a model for the corporate environment. This was rolled out and achieved considerable growth month after month and now boasts a network of more than 20,000 physical activity providers globally.

Activities in the network include aerobics, yoga, martial arts, Pilates, dance classes, personal trainers, HIIT, CrossFit, Zen, bodybuilding, swimming and aquatics, cycling, team sports, general gym activities and many more specialities.

Company owners and HR professionals are able to examine live data to see exactly how it’s being used and measure this against any health and wellbeing policies they have in place.

Currently with 650 gyms in 140 cities – more than 120 in London alone – and with some 185 physical activities to choose from, from yoga and Pilates to personal training, swimming, dance and HIIT classes, Gympass says it is offering a corporate membership scheme that is unique and possibly the most flexible ever. It offers multiple disciplines at numerous locations while adhering to clear corporate health and wellbeing objectives.

“We have seen how this can motivate a workforce and increase productivity across South America and Europe,” said Pietro Carmignani, UK country manager for Gympass

“It’s evident that over the past two years stress has become a primary reason for absence and there are many studies to suggest exercise is a great stress buster.

“We want to see healthier teams and better employment engagement in the UK by delivering flexible packages to suit companies and their staff. We will launch various campaigns over the next 12 months, including more accessible and diverse activities, a vast network of activity centres and our search for the UK’s most active company”