When it comes to caring, you have a limited capacity. Start to care about the news, and you don’t have time to care about the Kardashian’s latest happenings. Caring is a finite resource, and you need to make the most of your mental capacity for care in your day job to get the best out of every second. Here are the 3 things that you need to give up on immediately in order to get more done, get the best out of your people and to move faster.

Stop caring about the little things

Typos on a presentation aren’t the reason you lost a pitch. The fact that someone ordered a banner and it came with a giant glaring pixelated image isn’t the end of your day at a big event.  Don’t overthink every email. Send, create, deliver. Think that a typo is the end of the world? Consider the story of someone who ran a fish and chip shop who out a rogue apostrophe in the company name, just to attract the people who wanted to correct them. As soon as they came in – they sold them a fish special. They felt like the winners – correcting grammar – meanwhile, the shop owner had money in the till. Whilst your competitors are delivering, you’re worrying about past participles. STOP!

Stop caring about Employee Engagement on a small scale

Employee engagement on a big scale is key. Your culture, your retention, how you operate, who you attract – these all affect your whole business. But getting involved in the minutiae – of people not being engaged in your incentive programme, or not really being ‘on board’ with your latest campaign is not your concern. Whilst you need to absolutely care about the big stuff, trying to make everyone care, every second of every day is a waste of time. The people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter.

Stop caring about justification 

Justifying everything is a time sink. If you know that you will get more from your people when you offer a great travel incentive, and you know that a trip to Hawaii is the only thing that will really get your sales team on fire – then you need to do it. You, presumably, are employed to make tough decisions. The flipside is, you should get to make the great ones too. Justifying what your gut tells you saps all the joy out of motivation. No one knows the bones of your business like you do – so if you know email marketing is a waste of time, or you know your customers want to be rewarded more often – make the change!

What other things free YOU up?