The groans of the HR team could be heard for miles when it popped up on the calendar. Time to fire up the rusty employee survey tool. You know – the one that is so good, you use it just once a year and grumble about the whole process. From badgering people to complete it to the swathes of passive aggressive feedback to wade through, never mind the suggestions that indicate people would really like something you already do or offer. There has to be a better way of doing employee surveys that don’t make the process a complete pain in the appendage.

We know there’s a better way, so we have hunted down a few of the companies we really like the look of to give you some pointers on employee surveys, and from apps to texts and psychologists to global support – there are plenty of options out there. Of course, only you know what you need from an employee survey tool, so take a look at how they stack up and investigate further!

Esendex – Best for spicing up survey apathy

Esendex don’t just offer email surveys you are used to, but SMS surveys. It makes sense, as we spend our lives on our phones after all. It’s a system that’s great for B2C but internally we see great high points! If you’ve got employees who never get that survey email, an SMS is much more likely to hit the mark and the ability to quickly ping back responses feels modern and intuitive. It works by allowing you to add in meta data. This might be something specific to their office, region or role. You can then get specific answers to the questions you need answers to. When you get each response, the data comes back into a CRM and your dashboard so you can see live updates.  Instead of that lull, you’re getting that real time data, livening up the whole process.

In addition to this overview, you can interrogate the performance of individual questions, and produce detailed reports for download.

LV say that since using them they have engaged with our customers in a modern and less obtrusive medium “while increasing response rates from 3% to 27%.” You can sign up for a free business trial which means you get 25 free messages for 7 days.

Have a look at Esendex here

Survey Solutions – Best for 360 reviews

Survey Solutions is a system designed around the 360 degree approach to staff appraisals. Using their model, you can receive feedback from self-evaluation, supervisors, direct reports, peers and external sources such as customers and vendors all in one place. If you’ve got diverse teams who touch different areas of the business, being armed with this insight could be very worthy indeed.  The best part is that the system comes with ready made, pre-developed questionnaires which are all fully researched and validated, making 360 questions easy. You can also add your own questionnaires. DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd

Said that the results they have seen in the business during the last few years of using the software “clearly demonstrate improved engagement in our workforce.” Take a look at Surver Soloutions here

Take a look at Survey Solutions here

People Insight – Best for the big issues or starting strong

The People insight system is the best in class or a business who knows there are going to be issues! Occupational psychologists are on hand to help get the right questions down, and as well as offering bespoke employee surveys that are aligned to organisation and employee priorities, they start the process around ‘what needs to change’ instead of a ‘general feedback’ perspective. They include a built-in key driver analysis which shows your priority action areas and allows you to compare issues and instantly add your actions to an interactive action plan. Because you can search and analyse by department, this is a good match for a big business that will have lots of users, or in contrast, a few users who normally struggle to handle big portions of data across the company.

Cancer Research UK said of the survey tool “We are delighted with the outcome – a simpler questionnaire, clear ownership for each section of the survey results, and easy to digest reports that are really helping drive important conversations between managers and teams.” Visit PeopleInsight here 

Peakon – An elite service

Peakon has a startling array of features but if you’ve found other employee survey tools to be a bit basic or if managing the data and insights have been a real pain, then this is a great starting point. The first standout point is no logins. That means that  Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you back the insights you need to improve your business. When you come to manage it downwards, as well as user levels, you can get people engaged with a mix of email notifications, push alerts, or PowerPoint downloads.

Some other cool features include an ROI area where values can be assigned to improvements and the external benchmarking tool against 100’s of companies. The iPhone app is also a nice touch alongside the growing language options (20+ supported) making this a natural choice for tech companies and global brands.

Delivery Hero said “Peakon has become an invaluable management tool for Delivery Hero. Having a quantitative and qualitative overview on the feedback of hundreds of employees and then drilling into any issues they have is a revelation.”

Take a look at Peakon here.

What are your survey recommendations? Leave a comment so you can help other people seeking answers!