Employee wellbeing gets a boost with new health community portal, Adio

As we face another winter of uncertainty with new concerns of more restrictions being implemented, the pressure on HR directors to ensure their employee’s mental and physical health and wellbeing are taken care of is greater than ever.

But ensuring people feel included whilst limited by work from home mandates and socialising restrictions can be challenging. Supporting employees to take control of their health and wellbeing can be difficult. Adio is a new health and wellness portal that gives members not only a much-needed sense of community and belonging, but a wide range of advice on how people can take responsibility for their own health with small, easy to implement changes.

Adio is the brainchild of two doctors and sisters, Jess Braid and Xandra Middleton, Jess is a trained NHS doctor who specialises in treating people using alternative health approaches including nutrition, functional medicine, Chinese medicine and more. Sister Xandra is a chiropractor who runs her own busy clinic in Cheshire (Jess’ natural health clinic is upstairs).

For a small monthly subscription, Adio members get full access to a comprehensive set of resources, including webinars, toolkits, articles, recipes, classes and much more. Giving employees the opportunity to take their health and wellness into their hands and to offer them the very best of conventional, traditional and alternative approaches to wellbeing ensures inclusivity and gives people new options for how they take control of their healthcare.

Adio breaks health down into nine different zones:

  • The hub, where users will find a recipe bank, yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes and information on herbs and supplements. They can enrol for free in Adio’s ground-breaking courses – Dr Xandra’s posture programme, Realign and Refresh, a revolutionary 30 day “food as medicine” reset from Dr Jess.
  • Brain function and mental health
  • Family life and pet health
  • Gut health and digestion
  • Hormones and sexual health
  • Immune and infection
  • Staying well and keeping fit
  • Structure and movement
  • Symptoms and diseases

Each zone contains a range of resources to help Adio users to make small, easy to implement and sustainable changes to their health, in a mission to prevent healthcare issues before they start and to tackle the root causes of illnesses, rather than simply treating symptoms.

Adio is not only an innovative solution for HR directors to add something different to their employee benefits packages, but it also helps employers to bolster their own green credentials too. Adio is a privately funded venture, based on a sustainable business model, with the site hosted on a green server and Adio members earning coins for interacting with Adio (by completing lessons or participating in conversations), which they can donate to good causes on the site. This sense of doing good and helping others is why Adio is working towards becoming a charitable trust where all profits will be donated to good causes in the future. Giving employees alternative, as well as conventional approaches to their health is the perfect way to increase inclusivity in the workplace culture and foster a more proactive approach to employee wellbeing.

For a free 7 day trial of Adio, please visit: www.adio.org To discuss group or corporate memberships, please contact Katy Allen: katy@adio.org


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