Ensono, a leading end-to-end managed services provider, today announced the launch of its Associate Equity Appreciation Program. Since its acquisition by KKR, a leading global investment firm, in June 2021, Ensono has been hyper-focused on growing its employee base as it expands into new markets worldwide. In support of this goal, Ensono employees, referred to by the company as associates, will have the opportunity to benefit financially from Ensono’s success through the equity program. All current and future associates will participate in the Associate Equity Appreciation Program.


With 2,800 associates in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Poland and India, Ensono is a growing hub of engineers, architects, consultants, strategists and marketers that maintains a people-first approach to culture and client work. In recognition of the hard work of associates in advancing client success, the Associate Equity Appreciation Program will provide associates with a vested financial stake in Ensono, helping to encourage continued growth at one of the world’s leading managed service providers (MSP). New employees will also participate in the program. If Ensono achieves targeted metrics, the program aims to distribute more than $90 million to associates.


“As they have consistently done since our inception, including throughout the global pandemic, Ensono associates have worked tirelessly to deliver exceptional service to our clients. In an effort to show our appreciation for their hard work, we are excited to provide a new benefit to our associates which allows them to share in Ensono’s success and benefit from our growing business,” said Meredith Graham, Chief People Officer at Ensono. “With KKR’s ownership and guidance, we can better work toward our goals and invest in what makes our company thrive: our people.”


With 47% of companies reporting a shortage of skilled workers in the third quarter of 2021 alone, it has become clear to company leaders that the prioritization of employee well-being and engagement is more important than ever before. Ensono is committed to investing in its associates and helping the company reach new heights as the go-to managed services provider for digital transformation journeys.


To learn more about Ensono careers and culture, visit https://www.ensono.com/company/careers/.