Fictional Bosses We’d Love To Have

There’s no question that some fictional bosses would be ripe for any company. The characters that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us want to pull our hair out are all boss material. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best bosses we think could thrive in any company.

Who wouldn’t love Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan as a boss? Okay there was that incident with the sausage – but he’s also incredibly smart and quick-witted, which would make him a great asset to his company. Mark is the perfect example of a boss who would never make you socialise with him outside of work. Perfect. ‘Tickety Boo.’

Bear with us, but the perfect boss would likely be someone calm, quiet, and unlikely to blow a fuse. Even if you are destroying the planet. Whoopsie. Yes, David Attenborough…We’re talking about you. The naturalist and television presenter has been a voice of authority for over 50 years, and his soothing tones have helped us to understand the world around us. He’s also never been afraid to speak his mind and his blue shirts are so calming. Please tell us calmly how we screwed up those important documents in that lovely voice!

Did you know that a UK celebrity with a very high IQ you might not expect is actor , Tom Hiddleston? The star of The Avengers has an IQ of 160. That’s higher than both Einstein and Stephen Hawking! (We googled this, we didn’t test him.) So, if you’re looking for a boss with brains as well as brawn, then Loki himself would be perfect for the job. Although we’re not sure how he’d feel about being second in command…

The Office’s Michael Scott is a perfect example of a boss who is both loved and hated by viewers. On the one hand, he’s an egotistical, self-centered jerk who regularly says and does offensive things. On the other hand, he’s also incredibly funny, charming, and lovable. The same applies for David Brent in the UK iteration (the far superior… Don’t come for us.)

Another great TV boss is Suits’ Jessica Pearson. She’s tough as nails and doesn’t take any BS from her employees (or anyone else). But she also has a heart of gold, which she often shows in small acts of kindness.Jessica is the kind of boss we all want to have – someone who will fight for us and stand up for us, but also someone who cares about us as individuals. Harvey is of course in the running but is perhaps a little too intense for the top spot.

Thanks for reading! Until next time…’Tickety Boo!’

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