Launches News: GC Incentives ‘Removes up to 40 Percent of Overhead Costs’ for Incentive Programmes

GC Incentives, a 20-year-old incentive and recognition company with its eyes on the future, is focused on making it even easier for clients to offer high value and appealing rewards that reinforce their brand without the costs associated with markups, shipping and fees. The firm, launched in 1997 as, is driving that revolution with technology, an approach validated by the incentives industry.

At the same time, GC Incentives continues to evolve with new tools, says Rick Buer, GC Incentives CEO.

“If you look at our industry, everyone looks and sounds the same. But after listening to our customers, we see an opportunity to shift our direction to offer even deeper integration to what customers are looking for, which is to embrace the benefits of technology without the restrictions and exorbitant costs attached to expensive platforms.”

Serving the wellness, sales and marketing, human resources and automotive arenas, GC Incentives has produced a guide to highlight the ways a company can take full advantage of various incentive and recognition program options the firm offers.

GC Incentives is driving down costs for its clients in two ways: making an Application Program Interface the hub of its system, an initiative recently validated in Accenture’s “Technology Vision 2017” report, and following the trend of consumers who are shifting their spending from brick and mortar retail to online by offering mobile experiences.

“A warehouse filled with merchandise is how many in our industry fulfill employee incentive and rewards programs,” said Buer. “Companies can find themselves paying a premium of 20 percent or more over the cost of buying the exact same item online.”

Buer said GC Incentives is focused on cutting out a significant part of the overhead costs – up to 40 percent — for its clients.

Ninety-five cents out of every dollar our customers spend on these programs goes to their people,” said Buer. “We believe that’s where the true engagement begins.”

Acknowledging its roots in the gift certificate space, GC continues to offer over 200 high-value merchant gift cards via the GC GiftPass featuring interactivity such as video and easy access via the recipient’s digital wallet.

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