Employee Rewards & Launches News: Genie Gateway Introduces “Truly Memorable” Gift Card

Genie Gateway CEO Thomas Skala went straight to the point in a recent presentation.

“While trying to make our product as simple as possible, I’ve been asking people four questions. Almost everyone answered the same way, and I bet you will too:

‘Do you have a credit card?’ ‘Yes.’

‘Do you know the number?’ ‘Sorry no…’

‘Do you have a cell phone?’ ‘Sure.’

‘Do you know the number?’ ‘Of course.’

“I rest my case.”

The “case” Skala was talking about is for the Genie reloadable GiftCard, a new system designed for people who want a friendly and secure way to pay for their purchases. This service is very simple: customers use their cell number to pay for their shopping. Customers can get the service with NO activation or monthly fees through participating merchants, and can use any of five different ways to load funds to their Genie GiftCard.


“Cardholders use their cell phone number as a single identifying number to pay the merchant, in real-time, with complete security“, Skala continued.

Mark Newgreen, Genie Gateway CFO, said “The Genie GiftCard is a closed loop system, which for the cardholder’s convenience, can be loaded with any of the five following ways; from the cardholder’s credit card, with Check22, from any bank’s bill pay program, email us a check, or the old fashioned way, just simply drop a check in the U.S. Mail.”

Stuart Scamman, Genie Gateway’s CTO elaborated. “As long as you can remember your cell number, you can make payments face-to-face, online or by phone, anytime. And because you do not provide any of your personal financial information at the time of purchase, you are much safer.”

“The Genie GiftCard itself is essentially a cell phone number unified on our platform with applications, merchants and their customers,” said Genie Gateway COO, Randall Skala, “I think it is very exciting to be able to walk into a merchant’s store or use their web site, select something I want to purchase, and just give the merchant my cell number which they enter into their virtual point of sale terminal. I immediately get a text asking me to approve the purchase. When I approve, the merchant is paid instantly.  And unlike a traditional or prepaid credit card, I have to approve every transaction separately on my cell phone, in real-time, so no one can pretend they’re me.”

Robert A. Peisner, President of Worldwide Merchant Services, Inc. offered… “Amazon, Walmart and Target invested a great deal of money to create their own store-exclusive gift card. But how can customers find the same sort of service with smaller niche merchants, who can’t spend that sort of money? Now they can, with the Genie GiftCard! The Genie GiftCard technology can open the pathway between customers and hundreds of qualified Merchants at no additional cost.”

Jonathan Imm, Executive Director of Globility Link Inc., added, “I remember the good old days when my favorite merchants had their own store gift cards. Well, those ‘good old days’ are back, stronger than ever.  Now any of your favorite merchants can upgrade FREE of charge with a gift card program for their own customers, and they can implement in a few days. It only took me one call to upgrade my merchant account with the GiftCard features. I was ready to make a sale the same day using this exciting new service.”

About Genie Gateway – www.GGWY.Info

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