WiiN is a network for top female leaders, female founders, and entrepreneurs in the global Incentive and Loyalty industry

This non-profit organisation has been formed from a desire to encourage innovation and promote women in the Incentive and Loyalty industry.

As the global incentive and loyalty landscape continues to grow and evolve, WiiN is planning on bringing a proactive approach by facilitating a “think tank” and creative environment for its members. WiiN is aiming to create a focus on mentorship, growth and empowerment of female talent within the industry. Supporting and helping to develop emerging “superstars” into leading lights and females who forge new ways.

The network has been created by a group of leading industry figures, Julie Leblan, Wendy Carter, Debbie Ghillino, Holly Glowaty, Carly Neubauer and IMA Europe Board member Rocio Liebana, Founder & Managing Director, RL Consulting.

Rocio said: “I’m proud to co-found this exciting initiative which will amplify the voices of women in our industry, enabling them to shine and grow stronger together. A global space to drive trends and innovation for the Incentive and Loyalty industries.”

The Founders state that they are looking to share their energy, expertise and knowledge, and have come together to bring a new vision to the Incentive and Loyalty space.

Founding Member Julie Leblan, CEO Merit Incentives said: “The idea behind WIIN is to create a place for female leaders to network, collaborate and empower each other in the incentives and loyalty sectors. They are on a mission to build the future of this industry.”

The WiiN mission To collaborate, educate and empower women in the Incentive and Loyalty industry – on a global scale.

The network formally launches on Wednesday 7 October – further details can be found by visiting