How good is your company at encouraging employees to take time out for themselves and their health? A new survey from office furniture providers DBI Furniture Solutions has revealed that 46% of the working UK public say they do not have enough time for daily exercise, something that may fall on the shoulders of employers.

The survey aimed to find out when and how people are scheduling in their quota of exercise each day, and the results showed that almost half of us are too busy to workout.

There is a gender status well with 48% of women claiming that they struggle to fit exercise into their busy schedules, compared with 43% of men, a small but significant difference.

You may have also guessed that young professionals are the least likely to factor exercise into their routines, with 52% stating that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

When there aren’t simply enough hours to do exercise, as an employer you may feel responsible. Surveys and medical research shows the importance of living a healthy balance lifestyle.

This is where apps are great. You can recommend them with confidence and it is up to the user if they engage. They even some apps that can integrate exercise into their daily lives. Here are our favourites.

  1. Move

This app sends daily push notifications as reminders to exercise. With over 300 exercises you could be tasked to any time to do 20 jumping jacks, or 10 donkey kicks! The videos allow safe Learning how to do the moves although most of these will have been done at school or in the playground, Plus the timer makes it easy to see progress.

2. Fitnet

This app takes it up a notch with five and seven minute workouts on mobile with a camera app used as a way to track your success at completing the moves.

3. Endomondo

If you have ever wanted a personal trainer that can’t justify the cost either of your workplace or for yourself then this app may suit you. Ideal for cardio activities using this app allows you to get advice on your performance. If you respond well to classes or working as part of the team where you are accountable … you will love this.

4. Pocket Yoga

Whilst at first glance we thought this might be a pocket Yoda, this does what it says on the tin. A good range of yoga moves are explained and you can also explore all the moves online for free!


Have you downloaded any good apps? If you have found some that make working out what in the office easy, or the time in the gym more effective then let us know!