How to Terrorize Your Employees: The Definitive Guide

Do you want to terrorize your employees? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make your workers’ lives a living nightmare. We’ll discuss different ways to make them feel dreadful, from making them do pointless tasks to yelling at them for no reason. By following our guide, you can create an atmosphere of fear and dread in your workplace, leading to improved productivity and better work morale!

Let’s play…SWITCH UP!

One way to make your employees feel dreadful is to constantly change their work duties. Whether it’s giving them new tasks that they’re not familiar with or taking away responsibilities that they’re used to, this will keep them on their toes and feeling anxious about their job security.

Play favourites

Another great way to mix things up is to play favourites with your employees. This will create an environment of insecurity and competition, as workers will be vying for your approval. Be sure to give preferential treatment to some employees while openly criticising others – this will keep everyone on their toes!


Nothing says ‘I’m in charge’ like yelling at your employees. Whether they’ve made a mistake or not, make sure to let them know that you’re unhappy with their performance by screaming at them. This will instil a sense of fear in them, and likely improve their productivity out of sheer terror! Try eating tuna before for a little fleck of fish on their Ted Baker outfit. *chef’s kiss*.


The premium level of misery is not yelling or being a total weirdo, but being strangely cold and off. If an employee makes a mistake, instead of addressing it directly, give them the silent treatment. This will leave them feeling confused and isolated, wondering what they did wrong. Soon, they’ll be a quivering wreck – perfect for when you want to extract maximum productivity out of your workers!

Change your mind to the minute

Love something one moment – hate it the next. Ensure nothing is written down so they employee feels they are slowly going mad. This is the perfect way to make them feel like their work is never good enough, no matter how hard they try.

Tell them to ‘just be better’

From design to development – an instruction to ‘do it better’ or ‘punchier’ is clear and concise and in no way a recipe for disaster. They’ll soon be tearing their hair out, wondering how on earth they can improve when you won’t give them any specific feedback!

Be mysterious

Will they make their targets? Well, there’s rumours up above but YOU JUST CAN’T SAY. Will they get an appraisal soon? Errr…could be, but you can’t say for sure. This type of behaviour will keep your employees in a state of constant anxiety, unsure of what’s going to happen next. They’ll be too busy worrying to actually do any work!

Threaten their money or security

If you really want to get under your employees’ skin, threaten their money or security. This could be in the form of a pay cut, or by telling them that their job is on the line. This will make them feel insecure and anxious, and likely lead to better productivity as they’ll be working hard to avoid being fired!

These are just a few ways to terrorize your employees – there are plenty more where that came from! So get out there and start making your workers’ lives a living nightmare. Soon, you’ll have a productive and happy workforce! By following our advice, you can create a workplace that’s full of fear and dread, leading to improved productivity and better work morale! Give it a try and let us know how it goes! *evil cackle*”

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