New data from leading office space provider reveals the huge impact rising fuel costs will have on the UK’s return to the office and the nations post pandemic recovery plans as the cost of living crisis worsens for UK consumers. conducted a snap survey of over 1500 UK office workers who commute by car to their workplace.


In England alone, some 67% of workers commute via car. To give a national comparison, 83% of workers in Wales drive to work and for Scotland, the figure stands at 68% according to data from the RAC Foundation.

Latest data from the AA shows Petrol has now reached an average of 155.62p a litre. Diesel is averaging 161.28p. A year ago, they averaged 124.32p and 127.25p a litre respectively.


This means that the cost of filling up an average 55 litre tank is now almost £18 more expensive, at almost £86 per tank compared to last year.


If the average prices reach over £2 per litre, it will bump the price of the average 55 litre tank to £110, some £24 more than at present but a whopping £42 a tank more expensive than last year.


This represents an enormous 60% increase in fuel costs in the 12 month period.


Johnny Ratcliffe of said “The cost of living crisis that UK workers are experiencing is reaching breaking point. Millions of households already facing the prospect of enormous price hikes in their home energy bills and rising food prices are now facing being unable to commute to their workplaces if the pump prices hit £2 per litre. Our data shows just how serious an implication this is for the UK economy if almost half of workers surveyed say they won’t be able to afford to get to work anymore. The Government needs to step in urgently otherwise working from home will become the only option for millions of workers. The ones that are able to work from home that is. Everyone else? I dread to think”.