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It’s the small things that make a difference


Introducing a meaningful system of incentives or rewards can help retain and motivate staff and also recruit the best talent too. Understanding what will delight and make your employee feel valued is an art and here Noted In Style’s Business Director, Laura Turner, explains how the small things can make a big difference.

While workplace incentives have traditionally been thought of as high-value gifts or perhaps cash/voucher alternatives, we have found that an increasing number of employers are now looking for effective, low-cost ways to motivate staff in a more meaningful way.

Low cost does not have to mean low impact if the power of personalisation is at play. For instance, if someone is really excelling in their role and an employer presents them with a gift, they are rewarded. If they are also given a personal note from a team member thanking them for their efforts alongside the gift, the employer has not only rewarded them, but has also given them something that has delivered real motivational impact for the longer term. This is the winning formula. Carefully selected small gifts combined with a personal, meaningful message are likely to generate a deeper feeling of value than a higher value generic gift that is handed out to a variety of people with no true thought or feeling behind it.

Ever-increasing use of digital technologies in peoples’ workplaces and social lives leads many to crave actual physical products that provide them with a tactile experience. It is heavily documented that people respond well to things that are personal. Making a physical product personal has become more easily achievable at small volumes with developments in technology and changes in the branded merchandise market.

Therefore the time is right to capitalise on these changes and trends and to look at providing physical gifts that are personalised in some way. Here are our top tips for selecting a promotional gift for your staff:

1. Think about the end user – Pick a gift that your employee will actually want to use. If it’s something that they’ll simply open and then immediately drop into a drawer, never to be seen again, it’s a pointless gift. It can still be something frivolous or light-hearted, as long as it will have some use.
2. Stand out from the crowd – Some gifts are more popular than others, but popularity with givers doesn’t automatically equate to popularity with receivers! Selecting something personal and original is much better.
3. Match product to brand – Something far removed from your company’s ethos or industry is likely to be misunderstood and therefore undervalued by staff. Pick a product that is consistent with your brand values and complementary to the sentiment you are trying to convey.
4. Keep longevity in mind – Select an item that will be used more than fleetingly to ensure it has longevity. Food and beverage items should be considered carefully for this reason.
5. Personalisation is key – The personal touch will make the receiver feel valued and can be applied to many items. One of our previous clients really focused on personlisation by having an individual, personal thank you message to each recipient on the first page of their notebook. A useful product conveying a heartfelt thank you is generally a winner in any industry.

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