Let your staff rejuvenate with a spa break

Kathryn Colligon, founder and managing director, Spabreak Direct, reaches for the spas.


Why are spa breaks so popular with corporate rewards/incentives programmes?
Companies are much more aware of the value of staff contentment, after all, happy employees mean productive, conscientious employees. In turn, staff enjoy the stability of working for a company that cares about their well being, so there are benefits for both employer and employee. The popularity of spas just doesn’t diminish – we’re currently working with T-Mobile on a major customer rewards promotion and on many other projects with a number of blue-chip finance, insurance and healthcare businesses.

What corporate trends are you currently witnessing?
We’re seeing companies ask that corporate rewards cover staff members and their partners, as spa breaks are rejuvenating but also require an investment in time. Hard-working individuals value their spare time, so having a partner or friend relax and enjoy the experience alongside them makes it even more enjoyable. Companies are still investing in their staff but looking for ROI. We offer discounts and group incentives so companies using Spabreak Direct can rest assured that they get the best deal.

People tend to want flexibility in their rewards and incentives, so how do your corporate offerings give them what they want?
Most companies opt for Spabreak Direct gift vouchers, which give the recipient a huge choice of spa locations throughout the UK. Our vouchers are valid for one year, but we don’t penalise customers if they redeem outside of this period. We actually allow a further six months on corporate voucher deals to give the recipients more flexibility on redemption.

What would you say to companies interested in including spa breaks in their rewards/incentive programmes?
The feedback we often get from our corporate clients underpins our own view of the benefits to their staff, namely that spa breaks are perceived as a luxury treat, with the added benefit of providing relaxation time with pampering and great food. This means that they leave a spa feeling happy, relaxed and ready to go back into the fray of the workplace, reinvigorated and enthusiastic. Employees enjoy the feeling that their employers actually care about their well being.

How are spas moving with the times?
The biggest trend we have seen is that spas have adapted very well to these tough economic times. This is reflected in the prices they now charge – there are more inclusions in spa packages and the prices are also keen. We sell overnight spa breaks from as little as £67, including meals, accommodation and a treatment – that’s unbelievable value!

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