Loyalty and Marketing News: Load rage – UK workers wait 10 hours a year for loading PC’s

We’ve all had the frustration of a computer that dwindles itself awake, but recent research has shown that when totalled up, the time spent is no joke and can be seriously de-motivating.  The average Brit will spend the equivalent of nearly two years of their life waiting, including time spent dealing with supermarket queues, delayed flights and waiting impatiently for phones to charge.

From a working perspective, if you want to increase motivation then speak to your IT team – it seems that from the 1500 UK residents surveyed, on average we will spend TEN HOURS a year waiting for laptops and computers to load and 45 minutes every month will be spent waiting for video buffering to stop, according to the study by TalkTalk. At home, or perhaps at work as well, 11 minutes a week will be spent waiting for our phones to update and the equivalent of nine hours a year will be spent twiddling thumbs while TV and films painstakingly download.

With many of us online shopping, streaming films or watching live TV on the internet while using other devices at the same time, the demands of modern homes have surpassed standard broadband and this may well apply to your workplace.

Waiting time is dead time, and it’s also highly demoralising – in retail environments, 14 percent of us have spent so long hanging around that they have shouted at a shop assistant and 23 percent have cried in frustration that they were having to wait so long.

Laurent Kretzschmar, Head of Product at TalkTalk said: “We all lead increasingly busy lives and our time is valuable.

“Although technology and connectivity have accelerated so many aspects of our lives, with countless devices all connecting to our internet.  Fibre broadband gives you the speed and the bandwidth you need, giving you some precious time back.”

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