We all like to keep employees, customers or prospects motivated by saying thanks. but what if the future wasn’t just words but also flavours, scents and tastes?

Our favourite animal themed card provider (sorry, funky pigeon) Moonpig – have been prepping for Father’s day with meaty greeting cards that are edible in either spicy or BBQ hot flavours. Laced with rice paper infused with edible ink, they smell meaty, and look pretty too. Could this be the start of something personal when it comes to gifts? If your product smells great, this could be an ideal way to get your brand message across!

In a World of digital, it’s nice to go back to the scratch and sniff of the 90’s.

The cards should be kept at room temperature, and are best consumed immediately after opening.The cards do not include any meat extract, so are suitable for vegetarians, but may contain gluten.

James Sturrock, Managing Director, Moonpig explains: “Our ‘Meating Cards’ allow dads to enjoy their favourite BBQ or spicy flavours without lifting a finger in the kitchen. While we love the classic Father’s Day gifts, we’re always on the lookout for different ways to help make dad’s day special, and with food gifts being so popular with our customers, these cards are a delicious prospect.”

Reckon your dad would fancy a Meating Card for Father’s Day. Entries to win one close at 12pm on Wednesday, June 14 so get in quick!

Visit the page here

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