Motivational Peep Show Quotes To Get You Through Work

Every day is a Peep Show quotable moment, never more so than in corporate life. Take these winners and play them over in your mind if you simply can’t face another day looking at the big screen and tip tapping away.

The situation: The new employee is bemoaning the lack of strawberries in free fruit friday and is talking about taking down ‘The Man’.

Mark: “While we’re at it, there are systems for a reason in this world. Economic stability, interest rates, growth. It’s not all a conspiracy to keep you in little boxes, alright? It’s only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means you’re not lying in your own sh*t, dying at 43 with rotten teeth.”

The situation: The client prefers your idea to your colleagues. (Which took them ages.)

Jez: “Justice is done. Not actual justice, but what I wanted to happen, which is basically the same thing.”

The situation: You’ve been tasked with something dreadful – like helping Simon in Marketing again.

Mark: “Jeremy, there are many things I would do to help you. But digging a hole in the wintry earth with my bare hands so that you can bury the corpse of a dog you killed is not one of them.”

The situation: You can’t be bothered to get to work.

Mark: “Okay, here we go, wedding day. I am heading for a wedding. How do I feel? Empty, check. Scared, check. Alone, check. Just another ordinary day.”

The situation: You’ve been asked to set up the exhibition stand again.

Super Hans: “A suitcase with wheels? Real men don’t get the earth to carry their luggage for them, mate. They carry it themselves.”

The situation: Your boss presents a dreadful strategy in a 50 page PowerPoint
Jez : “Is this a terrible idea? It can’t be, it’s in a film. They wouldn’t put a terrible idea in a film, they’d get sued.”

The situation: The office party was a great success…
“Floss is boss, floss is boss.”

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