By the 17th of December this year, businesses with 250 or more employees will have to comply with the new Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937/EU, which will protect companies from reputational risks and empower employees, shielding whistleblower identities.

The Directive is being introduced by the EU establishes the minimum requirements that must be adopted by companies, which aims to create harmonised protection across the EU. It will signal a significant change in approach to whistleblowing in many Member States, as well as altering the compliance landscape for employers with European operations.

Getting ahead of the deadline, Globalization Partners is launching its global ethics hotline, allowing users to report concerns confidentially via their choice of either a telephone hotline or reporting website. The hotline is available through EthicsPoint, a global regulatory compliance software provider that has developed this comprehensive and confidential reporting tool.

The ethics hotline is a core compliance feature of Globalization Partners’ global employment platform. By extending this tool to all team members employed via Globalization Partners entities around the globe, the company is staying ahead of advancing compliance regulations, and ensuring all its global employees feel secure and supported. Globalization Partners, like many companies, promotes an open and honest dialogue; however, if an individual is uncomfortable raising concerns directly, the hotline provides a fully confidential and secure alternative.

Melissa Cooper, Chief Customer Officer at Globalization Partners said: “Although there isn’t a legal requirement in many regions, we believe it is a best practice to activate this globally, particularly as a remote-first company. This initiative is in line with our strong values of responsibility and integrity and furthers our commitment in creating a safe and supportive work environment to all employees and customers of Globalization Partners wherever they are located.”