Launches News: New Launch: AvinityAlive’s Social Recognition Platform

Surveys show that while employee engagement is one of companies’ top three workplace priorities, only three out of 10 employees are deeply engaged and only 9% of businesses say their last programme was successful. Based on research proving that strong company values and employee happiness are the keys to engagement, a first-of-a-kind reward and recognition platform, AvinityAlive, has been launched by performance improvement specialist Avinity.

Created in response to changes in what employees are looking for from their work and the underperformance of traditional top-down programmes, AvinityAlive says that it ‘gives employees the freedom to choose how they want to earn rewards, who they want to recognise and to build their own social community, creating buy-in of employer values never seen before.’

Value Challenges

The platform achieves this through rewardable, values-based challenges. This concept is based on behavioural scientists’ findings that changing what people do, not what they think, is the way to change behaviour. As employees take the challenges they find most meaningful and enjoyable, they appreciate what the company’s values look like in action and experience positive emotions and a sense of purpose in bringing them to life. The more challenges they are inspired to take, the more living the company’s values becomes a habit.

These challenges range from the quick and fun to the more challenging and life-enriching, ensuring there are choices to inspire everyone no matter what their personal motivations, role or level. The selection of challenges can be adapted to suit each company’s values and individual needs, such as bringing people together after acquisition. They can encompass all kinds of activities, from helping others to health and wellbeing and team fun to learning and volunteering, bringing home the company’s care for employees’ lives beyond the 9 to 5.

Thank and Reward based on values

AvinityAlive also generates a recognition-rich culture, with employees encouraged to thank and reward colleagues for the helpful and kind things they do as part of living the company’s values. As this peer-to-peer recognition is instant, personal and social it overcomes many of the problems associated with manager-led recognition programmes, such as infrequency, inequality and lack of transparency.

Social Wall

AvinityAlive has a social wall where employees share their challenge updates, photos and videos, post their recognition stories and ‘like’ and comment on posts. This self-sustaining community gives employees a sense of belonging and having a voice which can be difficult to realise with traditional programmes but are important happiness factors. It is also a constantly changing and positive space, which encourages employees to make it part of their everyday lives.

For HR, the platform provides meaningful data, the ability to monitor activity levels, the popularity of challenges and overall employee engagement and, over time, the platform’s impact on issues like tenure and absence. If corporate values or business goals change, AvinityAlive has the flexibility to change with them, reducing future investment in reward and recognition.

Rupert Poulson, Founder and CEO of Avinity said:

‘AvinityAlive breaks the rules to achieve breakthrough employee engagement. In this all-in-one platform we’ve wrapped up emerging best practices around social engagement and peer-to-peer recognition with the latest thinking about the role of happiness in engagement, the most effective way to change behaviour and our unique challenges concept. Our clients can simply hand it over to employees to enjoy.

‘We know that the platform inspires engagement from day one, that employees really like how it gives them the chance to try new things, have different experiences and inject fun and fulfilment into their lives at work and beyond. They also appreciate how it makes them feel respected for the challenge choices they make and trusted to mould their own workplace.

‘For companies, disconnecting rewards from business tasks through the platform’s amazing choice of rewardable challenges makes it very clear that what matters most is the happiness of employees 24/7, giving a business the best chance of getting engaged, enabled and energised employees turning up for work each day.’

Avinity, the creator of AvinityAlive, has helped hundreds of companies improve their performance through employee engagement and customer loyalty since it was set up in 2005. One of the benefits for AvinityAlive of this broad experience is its expertise in global and in-country reward sourcing and fulfilment.

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