Launches & Suppliers News: New launch: The Engagement Potential Index™

Do you want to see how your culture is set up for engagement? Now could be the ideal time to try the latest essential
engagement measure: The Engagement Potential Index™

This free, online assessment allows you to understand how your culture is wired to boost engagement. By analyzing your responses on engagement enablers and culture factors against other organizations, this innovative assessment provides a comprehensive overview of your current culture and your company’s engagement potential.

Looking at:

The test allows you to see improvements and your score is not just randomised. but benchmarks you like for like.

It’s an interesting bit of kit.

“Employee engagement is a recognized key performance indicator of thriving organizations.  Unfortunately, global employee engagement is at an alarmingly low rate, costing employers millions of dollars. We designed the EPI as an innovative assessment that gives you the information you need to understand how your culture is wired to boost employee connection and commitment,” said Kimberly Lanier, vice president of employee engagement at Maritz Motivation Solutions.

You can access your score by signing up here:

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