One in five (21%) UK workers have admitted that their senior management teams do not understand the general challenges they regularly face. That’s according to new research from employee experience consultancy Qualtrics, which conducted a study of 500 UK employees about their views on workplace initiatives and the importance of CSR.


The research has also revealed that in the UK, a vast majority (84%) of those who believe their management does not understand the pressures they face are being surveyed just once a year or less.


Commenting on the statistics, Sally Winston at Qualtrics, said: “With the vast majority of people working from home in the current situation, it’s more important than ever to check in with staff.  While the majority of workers are being supported by their senior leadership, a worrying amount are feeling that their leaders are unaware of the daily pressures and challenges they face.


“Interestingly, a large proportion of those who feel unsupported by their senior management team are not regularly surveyed about their thoughts, feelings and emotions towards their workload or the demands they are under.


“It’s vital that employees are given the opportunity to provide regular feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly so that leaders can take action to appreciate good work, understand challenges and resolve any pinch points. By keeping this contact frequent, any issues can be monitored workers feel encouraged to share updates and leadership can check in often to monitor each employee’s journey.”


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