Gift voucher company One4All is going digital with a new gift card that can be bought, spent and sent on a smartphone.

The company, which is owned by US fintech giant Blackhawk Network, says it will be the world’s first fully digital multi-store gift card.

The digital gift card can be spent in more than 8,500 shops throughout the country, and will allow contactless transactions on smartphones up to €150.

One4All has teamed up with Apple so the voucher can be spent through Apple Pay, with Android users accessing the value on the cards through the One4All mobile app.

The cards will be secured through two-factor authentication, with customers using biometric security measures, such as fingerprints or facial scans, and passcodes to authorise transactions.

The system could also cut down on the number of unspent vouchers, allowing purchasers to receive notifications via text message if cards remain unclaimed, while recipients will also be reminded about unclaimed gifts.

Targeting businesses

The new card was developed at the company’s head office in Dublin, with chief executive Michael Dawson saying it was the culmination of 18 months of work.

“We are excited to finally unveil this innovative new product that we are confident will revolutionise gifting for both businesses and individuals in Ireland and beyond,” he said. “The One4All digital gift card is a world-first in the multi-store gift card industry, and One4All is delighted to be leading the way in this market.”

He said it was safer and more flexible to use than traditional cards.

The company is also targeting businesses with the new card, which offers instant and bulk loading, allowing companies to send thousands of employees a gift card instantly.

Blackhawk, a global financial technology specialist with its headquarters in California, acquired One4All’s parent Gift Voucher Shop from shareholders that included State-owned An Post in a €100 million deal late last year.