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Thanking employees and recognising team members who have gone above and beyond has never been more important. This week, Blackhawk Network has launched its first ever One4all Digital Gift Card, offering businesses a platform to reward staff on the spot and motivate workforces.


The now digital, multi-store gift card is simple to use; it can be personalised depending on the purpose, with rewards from as little as £5, sent to multiple recipients simultaneously, into recipients’ smartphone wallets – ready to redeem immediately.


Gifting up to £50 to each employee is tax free, as a trivial benefit. This means that they are excluded from taxable income or national insurance contributions.


The One4all Digital Gift Card can be spent online, covering everything from food essentials and entertainment to DIY and home products. Once the codes have been claimed, they are valid for 18 months.


One4all is accepted in hundreds of retail outlets, many of which continue to be open online. These include the likes of M&S, Boots, John Lewis and New Look, plus many more. The digital card can also be used to purchase digital ecodes for popular entertainment brands like Spotify, Xbox, and Nintendo.



Matt Howe, Managing Director, Blackhawk Network Europe, says: “We believe that small gestures make a big impact on employees whilst we’re navigating this uncertain time. With the One4all Digital Gift Card, you can send gift cards instantly to help with everyday costs and boost colleagues’ spirits.


“We have been testing the One4all digital concept with a few existing customers who have been rewarding their staff with small regular amounts for their response to Covid-19.  The success of these customers has meant we have brought forward the launch to enable more UK businesses to utilise our solution.



“Whether it’s a seasonal bonus, a simple thank you, or an incentive to boost your employees, the One4all Digital Gift Card can be customised and personalised to suit the occasion.  A personal video message can be included, reaching out with a meaningful touch point for colleagues in a time when the negative effects of isolation are rife– a powerful way to engage and drive loyalty.”


The One4all Digital Gift Card is hosted by Visa on its “tokenisation” platform. The card can be used in multiple retailers via the tap and pay mechanic with all compatible Apple and Android devices and does not have any payment restrictions for transactions over £30.


One4all Digital Gift Card features:

  • Digital gift cards are sent securely from device to device and cannot be lost
  • Two-factor authentication when logging into your app to ensure the security of funds
  • The thousands of stores to choose from means there is no issue with store closures
  • Information received is stored securely and adhered to all GDPR regulations
  • All funds held in segregated account
  • Spending can be between £5 and £40 for online purchases and up to £140 in store
  • All cards are tied to One4all accounts (registered to purchaser’s/recipient’s email address)
  • Recipient must create an account/log in to claim their gift card
  • GVS Prepaid is a licenced E-Money issuer
  • Recipients will be sent reminders to ensure they spend funds still on the card after a set period and reminded before any charges are incurred due to inactivity
  • Personal videos from the sender can be sent with each reward


As of 10th January 2020, due to new EU regulations, there is a limit of £40 per transaction online when using the One4all Gift Card.