Employee Rewards News: What perks would employees leave for?

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but it seems that flexible working isn’t budging when it comes to perks that employees really, really want. But what about pension pots and share options? Far from rewards being less important, according to Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace report, employees categorically say they would be willing to leave their current job for one that offers greater flexibility and financial rewards.

Gallup data indicate that most organizations offer some level of the benefits job seekers are looking for, such as health insurance, paid vacation and 401(k)s; nevertheless, employees still indicate they’d leave a job for these benefits.


This chart clearly indicated that many employers are under-delivering on the quality of these offerings, and as Gallup state “you may already have the benefits your employees want, just not at the level they would like.”

As well as this, there are also some benefits and perks that employees are seeking but many companies simply don’t offer.

Based on Gallup’s research, today’s workers want to be able to work off-site full time (35%) or even part time (37%), though few employers offer that option.

In addition, employees would also prefer financial benefits, such as profit-sharing (40%), pensions (51%) and monetary bonuses (54%), and say they would be willing to change jobs to receive these benefits.

Although there are many reasons why employers are not able to provide these kinds of benefits, clearly there is a disconnect in some instances between what employers offer and what employees want.

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