Personal Group, a provider of business products and services, including employee benefits and insurance products, has launched ‘Hapi Cinema’- a new reward service which allows businesses to offer discounted cinema tickets to their employees.


Hapi Cinema is a new direct service through which businesses can award their employees discounts of up to 40% on outings to the country’s most popular cinema chains. The service also aims to make family outings cheaper and easier by offering discounts on children’s tickets, cinema snacks and drinks, as well as on unlimited passes (available at selected cinemas). In addition, Hapi Cinema doesn’t rely on third-person websites for its purchases, so users can have peace of mind when it comes to the security of both their personal data and transaction details.


The ever-expanding list of cinema chains covered by the reward service currently includes: Cineworld, Odeon, Vue, Picture House, Empire Cinemas, The Light Showcase and The Reel Cinema.


Developed by Personal Group’s in-house product team, Hapi Cinema runs through an easy-to-use app platform, which is tailored to reflect the branding of its users’ company. Hapi Cinema can be utilised as a standalone service or included as part of the wider ‘Hapi’ app which can be tailored to allow businesses to concentrate all of their employee services onto one platform, ensuring employees easily and regular interact with the support, discounts and rewards on offer to them.


David Walker, Chief Commercial Officer at Personal Group commented: “At Personal Group, we truly believe that a business’s workforce is its greatest asset, and that the provision of an accessible reward scheme makes a real difference to the happiness of its employees. Affirmative employer-employee interaction creates a positive culture which is key to the success of any company. For this reason, we are excited to launch Hapi Cinema – our latest reward service to make the workers of this country happier and more motivated in their work. Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the movies?”