Personal Group, a leading provider of employee services, benefits and insurance products in the UK and Reward Cloud, the digital gift card platform provider have announced a strategic partnership. The agreement will integrate Reward Cloud’s extensive portfolio of digital partners to allow Personal Group to provide instant digital gift cards to its customers whenever and wherever they want.

This digital retail voucher service will be available to customers through Personal Group’s proprietary Hapi platform, for which Reward Cloud will be providing content and offers.

Hapi is a platform that can be customised, configured and adapted to meet the individual needs of each client as well as providing standard configurations, the latter of which has been undertaken for Sage Employee Benefits. The technology behind Hapi focuses on enabling employees to securely access and manage their rewards and benefits via one simple platform; anywhere, anytime. This will include customers of Sage UK’s employee benefits product, which is also based on Personal Group’s Hapi platform.

Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive of Personal Group commented: “Our products are designed with the end customer in mind. Reward Cloud enables us to ensure that we continue to meet the expectations of our customers and their employees. The technology and the quality of relationships they are building with retailers are impressive, and help us to ensure we offer the best retail discounts to our customers. Incentive and reward programmes should form a part of any engagement strategy; an integrated engagement strategy across your business can help to drive employee engagement which in turn will have a positive impact on business productivity.”


Personal Group’s recent partnership with Sage UK Limited means that small to medium sized enterprises in the UK now have access to employee benefits from their well trusted supplier of accounting and payroll software in an integrated manner. Reward Cloud’s portfolio of digital brands will be made available through Sage Employee Benefits enabling employees to purchase and receive digital gift cards in real time.

“Personal Group recognises that ensuring employees feel valued is crucial to the success of any company,” explains Gareth Gillatt, Co-founder and CEO at Reward Cloud, “By incorporating our technology and content within their existing services we are giving employees instant access to benefits and a quick and simple way to make their hard-earned money work harder for them. This all helps boost employee engagement, creating a more productive, profitable workforce in millions of businesses across the UK.”