Public sector employers need to develop a robust employer value proposition (EVP) that builds on the intangible aspects of public services to attract new talent, according to leading MSP and talent acquisition specialist, Guidant Global.

In its latest research, the experts in people attraction and engagement found that now is a pivotal moment for public sector organisations to engage with more diverse talent groups, as public sentiment surrounding the sector remains higher than ever before. At a time when a significant proportion of private sector employees are facing unemployment or seeking new career opportunities, developing an EVP that speaks directly to this audience will significantly broaden the scope of talent available to public sector organisations.

And despite the common misconception that remuneration is the key driver of career moves, Guidant Global’s report indicates that more intangible elements are motivating the talent pools of today, with aspects such as intrinsic job satisfaction and the meaningful nature of the work itself a key influencer of today’s workforce.

Selena Ayling, Client Services Director, Public Sector at Guidant Global, explained:

“Public sector employers have historically faced an uphill battle to attract talent while competing with a mix of often negative perceptions of the career opportunities available in the field and the larger financial incentives being offered by private sector businesses luring potential talent away from public services. However, as communities across the UK paint rainbows and clap in support of NHS and key workers, it’s never been a better time to demonstrate why the public sector can tick all of the intangible career opportunities that so many people now seek. But in order to achieve this, employers need to develop a robust EVP that is built on the foundation of the elements that make it so appealing; meaningful yet challenging work.”