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Employee Incentives News: Reward Cloud and Gift Off open gift card market to cryptocurrencies

Reward Cloud and Gift Off have today announced a major new partnership, allowing Gift Off customers to instantly convert cryptocurrency into digital gift cards, and opening up a complete new revenue channel within the digital gift card market.


Gift Off customers across Europe will now be able to use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, to purchase digital gift cards of any value they choose. Reward Cloud’s unique platform and real time processing means that the consumer will be able to make instant purchases using cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional card payments, with an extensive selection of brands to choose from. But the partnership also marks a significant development for retail brands, as Reward Cloud’s Co-Founder and COO Alex Preece explains,


‘By giving consumers the option to spend their cryptocurrencies using a leading European platform like Gift Off, we are continuing to demonstrate Reward Cloud’s commitment to fostering innovative new distribution channels for our retail partners within the digital gift card market. This partnership will give them the opportunity to access a complete new customer base and revenue channel.’


Gift Off CEO and Founder Rusty Nash adds,

‘The seamless service and great range of gift cards offered by Reward Cloud will enable us to better meet the needs of our customers who want to spend digital currencies in the same way they use their card. The partnership will allow us to develop a service that fits the needs of a generation who rightly expect quick and easy access to digital products.’

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