Despite our longer hours, increased responsibilities and shifting roles, many of us still choose to become parents. When so many rewards seem focused on the glamorous ideas – the tropical holiday travel incentive, or the day out driving super cars, could a reward that engages the parent or carer be a better idea for many?

Here are a range of family reward ideas that could be suitable for anyone who’s part time employee, part time carer, gudardian, cleaner, cook, taxi driver and events co-ordinator!

Family friendly gift cards

Gift cards offer choice, and are an ideal way to ensure that money goes back into the family. Obvious choices could be a children’s retailer, a gift card that allows a day out or experience (perhaps a cinema trip, experience day or similar) or a gift card for a holiday provider. Consider Book Vouchers, National Trust membership and also experience day providers like Into The Blue and Red Letter Days.

Discounted supermarket vouchers

There was a real explosion of interest in vouchers for supermarkets during the worst of the recession where many people ‘banked’ money onto gift cards to spend on groceries. Often, a slight discount made this a really enticing offer. You may wish to consider the ability to purchase cards at discount, or to investigate a platform where you can add funds to a supermarket gift card. Consider brands like Tesco and Sainsburys who have a very strong presence and are likely to be reached by many employees wherever they live.

Work from home perks

Work from home is a growing way of life for many businesses, but for yours, it may be seen as a ‘reward’ that is earned. Of course, trust is indeed earned. You may want to consider work from home if you have the tech that can ensure the experience is seamless and not stressful!

Care and childcare

This sits more in your traditional benefits package, but it’s well worth having a look at how you reward- especially with the 2017 taxable changes to benefits. Speak to a trusted advisor about how the changes will impact those already receiving perks in this area, and the considerations of setting up a new scheme.

Family days 

A family fun day can be a very interesting perk for families with children of any age. Rewards that involve boozy post work catch ups, tropical holidays or prizes of gadgets are all great – but might not be as enticing as a promise of a full family day at a purpose built venue that will allow everyone to get together, without money or entertainment worries.

Availability to gift rewards and perks 

A reward platform that allows ‘friends and family’ options feels much more inclusive. Maybe it offers insurance for the family gadgets, travel discounts or reduced prices on daily purchases?

Takeaway Discounts

We all know about the idea of a supermarket gift card – but a takeaway gift card feels luxe and helpful – no more cooking! Why not investigate the best way to offer this, perhaps purchasing in bulk, or looking at a dedicated reward platform?

The ability to withdraw cash 

Whilst you may like to give a physical item, another consideration could be a platform that allows the employee to bank up points and exchange or withdraw cash.

Peer to peer gifting / recognition 

It’s also well worth considering, if you have a lot of people on part time, flex time or similar contracts if peer- to -peer gifting and reward could be beneficial. By having an open forum for thanks based on ‘real life interactions’ you may get the very best from your workforce. This can also be tied to monetary rewards.

What are your ideas for family friendly rewards? Leave a comment below!