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Social media + digital gifting = a new level of customer engagement

Michael Fletcher, CMO at Giftango Corporation, offers his tips on engaging customers with digital rewards via social media.

New business models and promotions that leverage the features of digital gifting and the popularity of social networks are popping up with regularity. There is much to be gained from engaging with customers through social networks, and digital gifts are powerful. The concept of receiving a digital gift card that can be printed at home or displayed from a mobile at the time of redemption has reached mainstream adoption. There are a few things to consider when delivering digital rewards through social media:

Make it viral
Social media platforms enable us to display a gift card link that redirects the recipient and all their friends to two destination points, depending on who clicks the link. A digital gift card can be viewed by the recipient when they click the link, while any friend who clicks the link is redirected to a web page encouraging participation in a promotion. Once the friend signs up, the cycle begins again, now all of their friends see a link.

Align rewards with your goal
If your goal is to drive traffic into the store and user metrics aren’t important, a coupon code may be a good fit. Codes can be spread via social media, posted on blogs and sent via email and text.

If your goal is to incent a specific behavior, i.e. ‘like’ us on Facebook, a unique code (a limited amount of value to be used once) is important. This is often accomplished with a digital gift card. Only the customers who participate can access to the benefit.

User experience
When delivering through social media, consumers may critique the offer within social media channels as well, so making sure you have a great user experience will pay dividends.

  • Support redemption both online and in store
  • Make digital offers mobile-friendly, and easy to read/redeem via a mobile
  • Make the digital offer print friendly; maximise your branding opportunity on an A4 sheet of paper
  • Provide clear user instructions
  • Provide clear terms and conditions
  • If the value expires, make that clear in the offer and on the digital gift
  • Show the current card balance.

You cannot manage what you do not measure. There is a great opportunity to learn about your consumer when they view your digital card:

  • Who viewed the offers
  • Leverage socio-demographic information through social networks
  • What device did they view it from
  • Where were they when they viewed the offer and how often did they view it
  • Did they forward the offer
  • What did they purchase
  • Was there upspend, if so how much?

It has been exciting to see all of the innovative ways that entrepreneurs are connecting with customers. Be creative and enjoy the journey.

Giftango powers digital gift card delivery for leading retail brands and incentive, loyalty and rewards programmes that deliver e-gifts in the US and Canada.

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