A new study from global employee engagement company, Reward Gateway, which surveyed 500 workers and 250 senior decision makers across the UK, has revealed that only 19% of employees feel completely informed about their employer’s corporate mission and only 23% of employees feel completely informed about the values of the organisation they work for. These stats are problematic when you consider that 83% of employers say it’s critical to the success of their business that employees understand their mission.


Recognition is one of the key drivers needed to ingrain employees with a company’s values and corporate mission, however, 40% of employees don’t agree that their employer recognises them when they demonstrate the values their company cares about. Reward Gateway’s previous research, undertaken in 2017, also uncovered that 59% of employees would rather work for a company with a culture where they received recognition over a higher salary job where they didn’t get any recognition.


Furthermore, the study has found a breakdown of communication and trust between employees and their employers. 81% of senior decision makers say that their organisation is transparent with employees about how they plan to achieve the company mission. However, only 22% of employees say they strongly agree that they trust their employer to communicate information openly and honestly.


90% of employees** who say they are likely to recommend their employer to a friend or peer as a place to work also say they trust them to communicate transparently and agree that their employer recognises them when they demonstrate the values their company cares about most.


Commenting on the research, Rob Boland, Group Product and Customer Success Director at Reward Gateway, said, ‘This new study has revealed that recognising employees when they demonstrate a company’s purpose, mission and values is a must and not a nice-to-have.


‘To help our clients create a more engaged workforce, we’ve enhanced our Employee Engagement Platform to help employers better communicate their purpose, mission and values in a more simple, transparent way, that seamlessly integrates and amplifies moments of employee recognition.”


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